Friday, January 22, 2016

A Couple Videos

Life is what happens while you are making other plans. Some how life has been squeezing photography out of the schedule. Things like health issues you own or family members, work, weather always seem to keep getting in the way. When I do get my camera out I've been shooting move video than stills. Video takes longer to process & is tougher to share. With all those sucking sounds on my time, blogging had totally disappeared. That doesn't mean that I haven't been getting to Great Meadows, just not as often as usual, and mainly to participate in the Thursday bird census, rather than photography

Back in November; back before the impoundments were filled with ice; back before snow covered the ground; back when if you saw your breath it was only until the sun crested the horizon I did go to Great Meadows to capture the morning departure of the Canada Geese. The day before I had been there for the bird census. The days had been warm, but cold over night so mist was covering the impoundments. The next day had the same forecast, so I arrived expecting the same conditions. Alas there was no mist, but lots of wind. That's a bad combination for still photography, but not so bad for video. Here's a short video I compiled of Great Meadows awaking that morning.

That seems so long ago.  Today it is the middle of winter. This morning was freezing cold. The impoundments were mainly ice with just a few open patches of water. The members of the bird census were moving quickly to try to stay warm. At the far end of the lower impoundment we encountered the beaver whose lodge is nearby. Ever the diligent engineer, he was working against the elements to keep the water open, trying to break up the ice that would trap him until warmer days